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Bounenkai 2013 (End of the Year Party)

Bounenkai party was opened at Sakura Hostel Asakusa. Everybody was drinking, eating and talking. It was the perfect opportunity to meet people from all over the world!

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SAKURA HOUSE annually holds NOH WORKSHOP with a professional Noh performer, Hasegawa-sensei. Our residents attend and learn from this introductory class on NOH acting!


Wadaiko Drum Performance @ Asakusa


On October 8th, Erika FUJII, a Japanese percussion player, will show us her breathtaking live performance at Sakura Hostel Asakusa. Japanese drums, wadaiko, sound so much like rumbling thunder that you feel it in your stomach! Enjoy her dramatic stage


Play GO at 300BAR in Tokyo's GINZA!


The "StandupIGO" party held at 300BAR NEXT, the coolest bar in the Ginza, a bar with no chairs or benches. Have fun playing GO in the NEXT's COOL atmosphere. This party is organized by IGO Holdings!


Nameguro Awa Odori


SAKURA HOUSE residents and staff participated as dancers in this year's Nakameguro Awa Odori, as we have done for years. The dances, the dancers, the musicians, and the excitement that filled the Nakameguro's streets were astounding.


Residents model at a"Juni-hitoe" show


24 SAKURA HOUSE Residents are becoming a model for Juni-hitoe (twelve-layered ceremonial kimono) stage show at J-Culture Fest @ Tokyo International Forum and to walk around the venue during the event while wearing Juni-hitoe.


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